A few quick thoughts, before they become completely irrelevant…

Unlikeable Interests

I find myself torn about some recent developments in some of my favorite comic strips. Namely, Shortpacked (in which the previously insecure Amber blackmails the typically evil Mike into being her boyfriend), as well as Scary Go Round (in which the whimsically nice Shelly starts a civil war so she can get laid.)

Now, both of these aren’t completely unreasonable developments on the part of the characters. But they are, undeniably, developments that make the characters… well, a lot harder to actually like.

The actual results of the storylines are interesting, setting up the stage for big changes to come. Both of the comics are hardly ones to shy away from significant sudden shifts in tone, or the sudden removal or addition of key cast members, or so forth. The storytelling on hand is very promising and has my attention…

…even as I realize the characters themselves, however, do not. The most engaging comics – at least for me – are the ones where I have some investment in the characters. I can laugh about a character like Mike, but it is hard to get me to care about him. Not impossible, mind you – as Willis has shown before the last time someone blackmailed Mike into a relationship. Equal promise might be seen in this story… or it could end up with me losing all interest in the cast.

No idea which way it will go, and I’ve got concern and optimism balanced in mostly even measure. So, with some trepidation, I wait to see what’s in store for these two strips…

A Moment of Zen

I have less concern about Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal, which I’ve found to be at the height of its game lately – this strip in particular I found to be brilliantly executed, and his guest comic for Dinosaur Comics was a rare (and excellent) demonstration that he can keep the humor coming for far more than a single panel.

Reborn from the Ashes

Back to mixed feelings as I take a look at the latest offerings of Sluggy Freelance… in this case the result of me trying to temper the immensely awesome recent developments with caution, given how often the comic has fluctuated up and down thus far.

Nonetheless, today’s reveal was an incredibly satisfying payoff to many, many years of plot. I am very hopeful that this latest storyline will really follow through and actually wrap up Oasis’s arc that has been drifting back and forth for nearly a decade now. It has certainly been an excellent resource for Abrams to keep returning to… but I think the time has really come to bring it to a close.

That doesn’t mean retiring the character, mind you – but Sluggy has a lot of characters who can’t really move forward so long as they are mired in the same plot again, and again, and again. Here’s a chance to break forward and keep the development moving forward. I’m eager to see where it goes.


9 responses

  1. about the amber boyfriend thing is nothing compared with Ethan locking his boss in the dungeon/storage room for several months

  2. Yeah, that was definitely the point the entire crew started down the moral low road. I mean, it seems a pretty intentional trend – showing that, really, most of the cast’s problems are due to their own natures more than anything else – but has definitely grown worse of late. Not that it makes for bad storytelling – just, as I mention, harder characters to empathize with.

  3. People still read and can follow Sluggy? I got lost in That Which Redeems back in 2004, although I still kept reading until I think the Aylee story which took up most of 2007.

  4. Dude, where’ve you been?

  5. Hmm, yeah, probably about due for a post soon… time has been at a premium, between projects at work and starting up an exercise routine.

    But something should come along soon enough – I’ve definitely had some webcomics on the mind, and was able to pick up some print copies of several of my favorite webcomics at SPX, so the ideas have definitely been there – just not the time to really do anything with them!

  6. You’re at the one year mark, dude.

  7. Makes it all the more sad that I had ‘Updating this Blog’ as one of my New Year’s Resolutions, huh?

    It still isn’t abandoned for good. But I guess I’m waiting for a perfect combination of free time and a strike of inspiration – hopefully the moment will arise soon! I doubt I’ll ever be back to the rate of the earliest days of posting, but getting something occasional up here certainly isn’t out of the question…

  8. Some of us are still living in hope. Getting inspiration and free time to strike together though….well, that can be a tough challenge 🙂

  9. Well I see I haven’t missed anything since I’ve been gone. This makes me sad. 😦

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