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Obligatory Snakes on a Plane Post!

Absolutely nothing, sing it again.
Actually, that’s a lie, as I didn’t actually see any muthafuckin’ snakes on any muthafuckin’ planes, and so I’ll be talking about another movie entirely.

I was going to see it. Really, I was. I’d heard it was fun, and crazy, and all that it was promised to be.

But it didn’t happen. My friends and I thought about going out to see it… and instead stayed at home and played video games. Personally I’d like to think that, deep down inside, just knowing that a movie named “Snakes on a Plane” exists is enough.

Anyway,what I did recently see was “V for Vendetta.

I know, I know, it came out months ago. But, given my usual lackadaisical nature, it took me this long to get around to watching it.

And, having done so, I must confess to being extremely glad I never read the comic book.

Not because I think the comic would be bad, no. Nor because I thought the movie was bad – the opposite, rather.

I liked the movie a hell of a lot. I thought it was fantastic. And I am grateful that I didn’t have any preconceived notions that would have detracted from the experience.

I know that it is a different story than the graphic novel of the same name. I know that, from what I’ve heard, it manages to capture some elements of the original while betraying others. I think it is safe to say that both of them are exceptional works, but also fundamentally different ones.

It is a dilemma. It is hard to appreciate something derivative in its own right when one has familiarity with the original. I’ve had it happen to me before – even with Batman Begins, a phenomenal movie, somewhere deep inside there was a tiny fanboy nitpicking over the pettiest little details.

I can’t think of any easy solution. In the case of V, I saw the derivation without seeing the original – but does that mean I should now avoid the original work itself? And if I read it, will that experience be itself affected by expectations from the movie?

I could, similarly, avoid any adaptations of books and comics and other things I am a fan of – but doesn’t that defeat the entire point of their creation? That they are created for the fans? If I do watch them, how do I toggle off that switch that obsesses over changes, and if I do so, should I truly be trying to turn off my previous appreciation for the series in order to adequately enjoy the adaptation?

Well, I seem to have a lot of questions, and a significant dearth of answers. Maybe, as usual, I’m overthinking things.

Maybe I should leave such philosophical film questions to the masters of the art, and stick with watching planes, and the snakes perched quite merrily upon them.

I’ll never be able to look at a flaming car the same way again.

So I went and saw X-Men 3 the other day.

I won’t go into too much of a review of the movie myself – others have already covered everything I could say.

In the end, it had quite a few nice touches I liked, some plot decisions I did not, but proved to be enjoyable in spire of my disagreements with it. So that’s cool by me.

The movie-watching experience itself, unfortunately, went less than smoothly – upon seating ourselves for the movie, we discovered a band of twenty or so hooligans who proceeded to shout, laugh, throw shit, and do their best to ruin the experience for the rest of us.

Rather than get in a confrontation with that crowd, we consulted the theater managers – who seemed similarly disinclined to confront that many people. So, instead, they just moved us into the next showing for free. As good a solution as possible, I suppose.

Even in that room, we had a small infestation of warbling chattybitch just behind us – but compared to the previous scofflaws, hardly worth the effort of being irritated by.

The upside of the shift, meanwhile, was getting to see all the freaking awesome previews before each show. Ghost Rider, Pirates 2, Superman, etc – all the good stuff. (Also: that one with the angry superchick throwing a shark through a window. Wicked.)

The one that really sparked my interest was 3 Fast 3 Furious… er, Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift.

Now, watching the trailer made it look really cool. But I’ve never been a car person in general. I fell asleep during the original the Fast and the Furious, and I found Initial D to be the worst show I had ever seen in my life.

For a while, I had thought I just didn’t like the subject matter – but Misfile has managed to keep me entertained – and not only that, but has had me actively excited and engaged during the racing scenes, and intrigued by the racing tricks and tactics.

So maybe the lesson is simply that it is a subject only interesting to me when done right.

Also, I don’t know why, but I really thought the flaming car manuever rocked, as silly as it was. I mean, flaming cars. I am a man obsessed.