My favorite webcomic I don’t really read

Toasted Pixel is my favorite webcomic that isn’t actually all that good.

Hmm, that came off a bit harsher than I actually intended. Toasted Pixel is not that bad of a comic, per say. While the art has definite room for improvement, it is getting cleaner as the comic goes on. The comic has recently shown itself willing to tackle extended story-lines. The comic updates consistently, has a decent layout for archives and a well-put together cast page. All of these are good things for a comic to have, and a good set-up for a comic to improve itself as it continues.

But all that said, I don’t actually read Toasted Pixel for the webcomic itself.

I read it because the man behind it writes some damn funny stuff, and likes to point out – and often mock – humanity’s silliness at its worst.

Attached to each comic is a rant on something unusual, ranging from his reviews of the atrocities Uwe Boll has unleashed upon the world, to bringing to our attention some of the strangest websites available on the internet, to even simply pointing out some creepy ass costumes.

The comic itself, in fact, often times seems to just be a medium for delivering that same humor. The writing, as expected, often overcomes any weakness in the art, and there are certainly strips that I am especially fond of. As Penny Arcade has shown, clever and unexpected violence will get a laugh out of folks 9 times out of 10. (Note: That number was entirely made up.)

The creator of Toasted Pixel is also responsible for Judge a Book By Its Cover, which is essentially him mocking movies based entirely on the terrible screenshots they’ve released to promote their works.

All in all, some funny stuff. I can’t promise the comic itself will floor you, but if the content doesn’t leave you cracking up like there’s no tommorow – or simply horribly disturbed by the depths to which humanity can sink – then I’ll eat my hat.

I don’t actually have a hat, as such, so that should show I am extra confident in making that claim.

Just so you know.

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