On This Blog: An Introduction

Well, now that I’ve been rambling on this thing for about a week now, I suppose a proper introduction is called for.

The goal of this blog, by and large, is to give me a place to put down all the random thoughts and emotions that webcomics (and other works) inspire in me.

It will not be entirely limited to webcomics alone, though they are far more often to be the subject of discussion than books or movies. There are a variety of reasons for this – webcomics move faster than most other forms of media. Even normal comics come out on a monthly, rather than daily basis, and even when they have crossovers spanning dozens of comic titles, they will still be moving at a slower pace than most webcomics.

Webcomics are constant output of information, from a lot of different sources – not necessarily a great deal from any single one at any given time, but enough different products fed at a pace such that it is very easy, on any given day, to have several strips ring emotional chords, or inspire analysis and discussion.

It is also a media that we have directly at our fingertips for commentary. I can say, hey, how about that plot twist, eh? Some crazy stuff, amirite?

And bam! The reader can directly go and see what I’m talking about. If it is something new to them, they can find out about it. If it is something they are familiar with, they can refresh themselves on it while I discuss it. A very handy tool, this internet thing, yes indeedy.

So… webcomics are likely to be discussed quite a bit. However, other topics will arise, and hopefully those will be interesting reads too.

I’ll be updating on a fairly regular schedule, if only because my mind can only handle pondering so much crap before I need to unleash my meanderings on you lucky folk. But circumstances can never be predicted, so there will be times I may have other concerns at hand. Fair warning given, in any case!

Finally, I’m welcome to comments and criticism. I’m perfectly glad to have people let me know they like what I have to say – but I’m also glad to have discussion and disagreement. Just, you know, do it nicely. I’m looking for respectful dialogue, not just blind flaming.

So those are some of my thoughts on what this page is about. Take them for what they’re worth, and hopefully they won’t set up any false assumptions.

See you in the funny pages, people!

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