Spirited ‘Discussion’

There you are, in the middle of an argument.

Both sides have a point. Standing between them you can see -oh so clearly- the middle line.

And you have the words. The perfect, perfect words. That will make it all better. That will fix it all. Words that need to be said, because they are exactly what the people arguing need to hear.

And so you have your say, because there is some optimism hovering deep within you that knows that people are rational, thinking beings, and will take your words to heart.

And man does it blow up in your face.

I can’t enumerate the number of times I’ve felt like this. Where I’ve either tried to help, or known that trying to help will only make things worse, because most of the time? People just don’t want to list.

It might still be worth it. Your words may stick with them. Your message might get through… eventually, and you might have done them a grand service.

But having to wade through the fire and brimstone that comes before then is a hard path to take.

I applaud the dude for taking that path, and I applaud Anywhere but Here for capturing that sentiment perfectly.

It is a stellar comic all around, even if it does stray into some pretty crazy levels. And right now it is doing its thing, and doing it well.

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