Once More into the Sluggyverse

So, another week begins.

Sluggy Freelance has concluded Oceans Unmoving, ending the tale on a cliffhanger that left many of its former haters (myself included) wanting more. The story started weak but ended strong. Now it is left behind regardless, and the normal cast and crew are back in the picture. Will things return to that which we know and love? It’s Sluggy Freelance, man. I’ve got faith.

In response to this event, I decided to treat myself to reading back through That Which Redeems, which is easily one of my favorite storylines in webcomicdom.

I’ve heard on more than one occasion people lamenting Oceans Unmoving, and discussing a desire for the good old days where Sluggy was just zany adventures and silliness.

And those may have been the good old days – but Sluggy’s greatest triumphs haven’t just been its crazy humor, but its epic tales. The Bug, The Witch and the Robot. Fire and Rain. That Which Redeems.

These are the areas where Abram’s art shines through. Where we really see the potential of his characters. And, sure, its full of the jokes and the puns and all the other funny stuff that keeps it Sluggy, and that is part of what makes it great.

It’s hard to read back through any of the great Sluggy stories and not have high hopes for the future of Sluggy.

One response

  1. Heh. Slow down, man.
    You had me at “Like Sluggy”. I tried reading The Wotch sometime a while back and… stopped, for some reason. Dunno why.
    I’ll put it back in my Grab Bag.

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