Creative Endeavors

I like Tailsteak.

The site is a collection of various little creative works by Tailsteak.

This includes several different continuing comics, my favorites of which are band (fantastic), the blue android (kinda neat), and TQ (clever).

It also features drawing exercises such as twenty questions with a coin, which are nifty and relatively entertaining.

And sometimes is comes out with something entirely out of the blue – such as this recent little flash sudoku game.

Now, I’m not a fan of Sudoku. I’ve recently expressed my public disdain for it, in fact.

But this game was fun. I liked it.

For all that I like the standard webcomics that bring the same story to the table with every update, I like being able to drop by Tailsteak’s site and, more often than not, be pleasantly surprised.

4 responses

  1. What about comics that innovate on purely artistic merit? Such as mrRB?

    Self-promotion aside, thanks for introducing me to all these awesome webcomics. I had never heard of Malfunction Junction, or Tailsteak, and now they’re on my reading list. I think Head Trip shows some promise, myself.

  2. I’ll have to check that stuff out – but as a general note, I definitely think that comics going off of different merits can definitely work well.

    Like I said, I like the standard form of most of the comics I read – but there is definitely a place for other types.

    And glad to help show around some new stuff. 🙂 If I’ve helped some of the comics that drain my time do the same to others, my job here is done!

  3. No, not The Band. Just Band, no article, indefinite or otherwise. We treat Band as if it were a proper noun.

    Other than that small factual error, I applaud any effort to increase Tailsteak’s audience.

  4. No, not The Band. Just Band, no article, indefinite or otherwise. We treat Band as if it were a proper noun.

    You know, I now specifically remember the discussion of how the name works, but at the time of the article, it completely slipped my mind. Mea culpa.

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