Know when to hold ’em

Penny Arcade vexes me.

I find that their epic sagas to be both a blessing and a curse.

They are good. Full of the potential for… story. For adventure. For sheer awesomeness.

And then… as soon as begun, the game is up. Three strips is all the sacrifice they dare give in to the dread spectre of continuity, and after that, it is back to business as usual – a commentary on current events in the gaming world, spiced up with a crude reference to wangs, that requires intense delving into the news post in order to understand.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I love PA’s standalone strips to death. They are brilliant, and when I’m sitting around with my friends quoting Penny Arcade strips for hours on end, its those strips that provide the fuel for our terribly nerdy activity.

But even so.

I like Penny Arcade as it is. But I also like the glimpses granted when they tangle with continuity and plot. O cursed fate, to be torn between such fields!

A blessing and a curse, indeed.

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