The thing dreams are made of…

Click for full sized internal monologuing and external smooching! For a good while now I’ve been a fan of Kathleen Jacques’ Intershadows. I had lost track of the comic for a time when it was transitioning from Coolsville (a fun comic with a lot of potential that was hindered by rough art and wandering storylines) into its current state: a very powerfully drawn comic with a lot of solid, connected plot.

The latest comic reveals that two of the secondary characters, Corey and Rain – both rather sad and lonely individuals – are, in fact, ‘getting it on’ with each other, as the kids say.

This came as a complete shock to me. It completely blew me away. Not because of the two character’s suddenly revealed homosexuality – that actually fits into the story surprisingly well. But it came as a surprise because the two of them had both been set up as tragic figures, constantly driven deeper and deeper into solitude and sadness.

And suddenly the two of them are given unexpected happiness.

It’s not an ending – the story will still be going on from here, and it is hard to say how it will end for these two – but it’s as welcome as it was unexpected. I think there’s a little someone in all of us cheering for everybody to find a happy ending.

Intershadows in general is a great comic, and well worth checking out. And the cast page, which some critics have proclaimed an integral part of any comic?

Is a flowchart. In haiku form.

Goddamn but that is cool.

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