Just a few quick thoughts before I dash off for more of my wild life of adventure and excitement~

1) I thought the idea of the Inside Joker to be totally awesome, and “Butterfly” continues to be a hella fun strip.

2) Despite never having been able to enjoy reading Achewood, and steadfastly refusing to read a story arc without full immersion in background plot, I’ve been keeping abreast of the Great Outdoor Fight. It’s big, it’s brutal, and all the other bloggers have gone into more educated discussion of it than I ever could.

3) The final panel from yesterday’s strip of the Green Avenger was really, really funny. The facial expression are just perfect. I keep going back to that strip and giggling at it.

4) Mr. Milholland is done with his play, and comics are back not just for Something Positive… but also Midnight Macabre! Not only that, but I was struck by one quote from the recent strip: “Viewer’s aren’t going to give me that kinda money. People don’t pay for what they are used to getting for free.”

The similarity between Gaspar’s situation and Randy’s own from a few years back… well, I have no idea what it means. But I was definitely struck by it, I tell you what! Definitely eager to see where the strip is going from there.

5) And now to distract you all with kittens whilst I make mine exit. Caio!

3 responses

  1. Aw thanks. 🙂 And to think that that comic wasn’t originally scripted.

  2. It works really well. I just love the background in the panel, the little hand wave – it’s great!

    Sometimes the stories come up with some great moments on their own, I suppose. 🙂

  3. That’s really what makes it all worth it in my opinion. The point at which your characters become more or less autonomous.

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