Friday Reflections

Click for full size Forgery!A few brief thoughts from some comics this week:

1) Order of the Stick

Rich Burlew continues to show his mastery of the craft, as he managed to pull off a very powerfully cinematic piece here. We’ve just had the latest big plot arc come to a resolution… but this strip easily gives us the sense that we are only in the calm before the storm.

I can’t stress enough how much I like the pacing right here. As I said before – it is very cinematic. A classic build-up to whatever is coming, and I definitely am eagerly awaiting.

I like the fact that he is able to fit a good half-dozen plot points into the strip without them feeling out of place. I like the fact that, as in most of his work, he pays attention to all the characters. I like the fact that even with a serious set-up like this, he still pulls out a punchline.

And as good as this strip is… strip number 300 is only 2 strips away.

I can’t imagine he won’t do something special for it. I can only eagerly await and see what he’s got for us next…

Click for full-sized Bearded Davan!
2) Something Positive

Davan with a beard looks old.

I was really startled by how much it changes his appearance. We’d seen the start of the growth recently, but this was the first time we saw a full beard – and, as I said, it makes him look a lot older.

Now, it is admittedly true that growing up is one of the comic’s big themes.

I also recall that Davan’s father showed the signs of his age – take a look at his appearance over the years.

I’m not going to make any speculation on exactly what Davan’s new appearance might mean – it may just be as simple as pointing out that he is too busy and too stressed to have time to shave.

Still, it came as a bit of a shock to see, and I figured I’d make note of it.

Till next week!

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