April Fools

Another April Fools has come and gone, and I wanted to give a shout-out to the best jokes I saw from the occasion.

I didn’t especially partake in the festivities myself, aside from helping to ‘celebrate’ the birthday of my sister, who had the ill-fortune to be born just alongside this day of mischief.

So, here are a few of the keeper’s that I got a kick out of:

A Brainwarping Twist from CRFH: Good because Maritza is evil enough that it was hard to predict if this was the joke, or if the joke was that this actually happened.

Brains! from Inverloch: Winner of the “Unexpected Undead Award!” (I just made that reward up.) Definitely clever and funny.

Old and Alone from Shortpacked: Last year I didn’t notice the Dinosaur Comics nature of his April 1st strip, and despite not reading the works of Ryan North, I must acknowledge Willis’s mastery of this medium as being totally wicked. It wasn’t quite as innately funny as last year’s strip, but I think the laugh this time was more due to the style rather than the substance.

Switch Up from Ctrl-Alt-Del: I may have ragged on CAD in the past for some of its riffs being a bit formulaic, but I have to say I really liked his April 1st joke. Subtle enough to take a moment to sink in, without the strip even bothering to slow down to acknowledge it. Just a clever nod to the event, and nothing more. That’s good stuff.

Anyway, those were the ones I most noticed and enjoyed. It ain’t easy to pull off a good April Fools joke, since people either expect it to be coming, or are tired of dealing with it already. So even though everyone is back to the normal swing of things, I wanted to recognize a few jokers that pulled it off!

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