Video Game Jubilations

Spooky fella, ain't he?After many months of the only video game I invested time into being the nefarious World of Warcraft, I have recently managed to find another diversion – the latest Prince of Persia game.

As usual, my game playing is a bit behind the times – I only played Prince of Persia: Sands of Time about a year ago. I played it because a friend had it, and all accounts I’d heard of the game gave it rave reviews. It lived up to them – a game more based around overcoming environmental challenges than actual foes was a new experience for me, and a welcome one.

But the things I heard about the sequel, Warrior Within, were less than complimentary. So I paid little attention to the franchise, and only just recently took interest in the latest release.

Since I was still in withdrawal for a new RPG (despite Kingdom Hearts being just upon the horizon), I decided to give Prince of Persia 2 and 3 a go. The second one, as reports stated, could have been better. Yet I knew coming into it that it made some poor choices, so I was able to laugh at the changes rather than get aggresively fanboyish over them. (It should be noted that the only reason I got it was for story completeness sake, as that is, in the end, what drives almost any game playing experience I have.)

Fortunately, having managed to laugh my way through Warrior Within, the third one has completely blown me away. It not only returns to the excellence of the original – but it takes the best elements in both games and transforms them into something incredible. I’m moving through the game as best I can (in order to start in on the aforementioned Kingdom Hearts), but am enjoying every second of it.

As I said, I realize I’m a bit behind the times with this realization. The game has been out for a few months now, and no doubt handily defeated by many. Nonetheless, it has been a while since I’ve been so captivated by a game – by the puzzles, the story, the combat, the music, the art. As such, I felt the need to give a little hurrah for the experience. So, ah… Hurrah!

There we go.

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