Simply an observation

Hat! I’ve mentioned No Need for Bushido before. When last I did so, I focused not on the comic itself, but on the many tasty extras scattered about the site, and how that level of content was very, very appealing.

It strikes me that in doing so, I may not have emphasized the fact that the comic itself is incredibly kick-ass.

Ok, see, here is the thing I like. We’ve got this comic with samurai, and ninjas, and monks. They’ve got bad-ass martial arts and the obligatory dude with a freaking huge sword. Plenty of action, drama and excitement.

Of course, what anyone reading the comic will notice right off the bat is that it is unrepentantly funny. It refuses to take itself seriously, as it demonstrates time and time again.

So what impresses the hell out of me is how well the story is developed despite the humor. Despite all the jokes and laughs and nonsense, you grow attached to the characters, you grow invested in the story. That takes some skill.

In any case, things have been heating up of late. Which means, of course, lots of moments for our cast and crew to demonstrate how supremely badass they are. That’s always a good thing. I mean, can you look at our friendly blind monk above dramatically don his hat, and not know that some serious ass is about to be kicked?

Anyway, in summary? No Need for Bushido: Awesome site, awesome art, awesome story. Awesome comic. End of story.

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