What’s a friday without a good bit of evil, eh?

So I realized that every post this week was about strips that I had discussed, or at least mentioned, at some point in the past.

Well now, every blog needs a bit of diversity, so today, let’s take a look at a comic never before mentioned by me! (cue echoes, ominous music, yadda yadda yadda.)

Ok, here it is: Evil Inc.

Oh, you say. But isn’t that already a pretty well-known, mainstream webcomic?

Well… sure.

To be honest, I was a bit surprised to realize I hadn’t talked about it before. Even aside from being one of those wickedly cool people over at Blank Label Comics, it’s a pretty solid comic in its own right.

Still, I haven’t really had much reason to talk about it before now. I had never read the prequel, Greystone Inn, and it was only when Evil Inc came out, and was garnering some sizable acclaim, that I checked out both comics.

I found that Greystone Inn was crazy awesome, but that I was only mildly attached to Evil Inc. The humor was ok, but not really my style, and there wasn’t nearly as much character investment. (Though, I must say, I was quite a fan of the ‘illicit’ relationship between Miss Match and Captain Heroic. That, more than anything, is what convinced me to stay with the strip.)

So why am I talking about it now?

Well, I realized that it had finally won me over. This is certainly in part due to the big storyline current at hand, and the future fate of the company. I realized that after months of disliking Evil Atom, I’d finally started to take a shine to the big lug. Much like Straub built up the Crisis in SC, he’d managed to slip in development and get me invested in the series without me even really noticing.

When I first started reading it, my biggest gripe about the comic? “That’s a silly premise. A supervillain company? Psh.”

I think it was only once I realized that, like, half of the stories out there – including many of the greats – are built on perfectly ludicrous premises… only then was I able to actually sit down and, you know, enjoy the series.

So I count that a success. And I’m looking forward to the big news we’ve got coming…

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