Ouch. Just... ouch. Right. Don’t fuck with Fineas.

Duly noted.

Man, this sequence might well be a fine demonstration of the little orange fish kicking ass, but the eye-popping thing?

Really wigs me out.

It seems to be a theme of late – Ornery Boy has featured a bit of the same, and the threat of dangling orbs has made me hesitant to keep an eye on it (so to speak) to check for updates.

I know at least one other comic recently had something similar, though I can’t receall exactly which one – my own faulty memory keeping me safe, perhaps.

Oy. I don’t know why it gets to me, given how little I am usually phased by graphic violence. Tear out someones heart? Whatever. Stab them in the neck? Meh.

But popping out eyes? That’s just creepy, man.

One response

  1. Gilead Pellaeon | Reply

    That is so true, man. They did the whole eye popping thing in Ninjai a few episodes back, and I could like barely eat the day after watching that. It really makes me wonder if you’d really still be able to see after something like that happening…


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