WCCAs 2006 – Take 2

This year’s Webcartoonist’s Choice Awards are just now winding down (winners announced, ceremony on its way.)

Scandal and controversy has been abounding (which is to say, there have been some minor hiccups in the works this year.)

In spite of this, I’ve generally been pleased with the event and found the results perfectly acceptable (despite only about half of the comics I was rooting for taking home the gold.)

All in all, despite the delays and confusions abounding the ceremony this year, I like the fact that we have the WCCAs. It is one of those nice little corners of the webcomics world, and for an event that, like most online cartooning itself, is volunteer driven, it is a lot of fun for a lot of people.

Would I like it to be a bit more organized? Sure. Would I like to have the ceremony right off the bat, rather than simply a list of winners? Certainly.

But I don’t think the experience is ruined by it. Given that there wasn’t even a ceremony two years back, I’m happy just to have one on the way.

So maybe I’m just an optimist. But one way or the other, I see a lot of good comics getting some solid attention and recognition, and that’s a good thing any day of the week.

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