The Weekend, oh thank god, the Weekend

While others are off carousing at the San Diego Comic Con, I am planning to be quite merrily collapsing at home in exhaustion.

For now, though, some quick thoughts on developments from my weekly webcomic perusal:

I am flat out 100% digging Sinfest since its most recent return. Ishida has been in top form. His latest strip hardly touched on a new concept, but the execution is so perfect as to hit the nail on the head regardless.

Oh yeah! Spamamusement is back and in business, and he’s still got it!

I’ve talked about My Nemesis before, but today’s installment is really nice. Specifically, the use of shadow in the first two panels to make Rob look like a bad-ass instead of, well, like Rob. (Also, the cast page has been updated. Have I mentioned I really like interesting cast pages? Well… I do. So there.)

And finally, CRFH, as always, has me smiling with dreadful anticipation of what might be coming next.

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