Dominic Deegan and the Return of the Damned

The latest Dominic Deegan storyline has stirred up a measure of controversy, as the plot was taken in a direction that some readers were dissatisfied with.

For myself, I was overall rather indifferent to the War in Hell. I wasn’t aghast at the plot developments as some readers were, but the arc itself didn’t really leave an impact on me. It is a shame, because I was really excited about the story arc when it first got started, but it ended up focusing on some different characters then the ones I was expecting, and that was some of the let-down.

That said, Mookie has easily grabbed my attention back to the strip with recent developments.

Now, I should note that one of the complaints people have raised about this storyarc was regarding the death of a character whom many still felt had a great potential for development.

I should also note that I held similar concerns over the seemingly pointless death of a character during the last epic storyarc.

Which is why his recent return has convinced me that it is very, very unwise to leap to conclusions in matters concerning Dominic Deegan. Mookie plays his cards well, and I suspect that there may be similarly interesting developments for other characters we’ve written off somewhere down the road.

Now, all that said, I do still feel that if yet another world-shattering epic catastrophe that only Dominic can solve should happen to break out anytime in the near future, I’ll not be all that happy.

But I think it is safe to say that the strip continues to hold the capacity to pleasantly surprise me, and that as long as there is as many good plot developments as bad, I’ll be sticking around to see what’s next.

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