It’s late, it’s hot, it’s friday, and I’m rambling. My apologies in advance.

There is a pizza and sub joint I often frequent after my weekly game of Anachronism. Now, they often have a half-price pizza special, so accordingly I have not often given much attention to the subs available.

This last week, I was not so much in a pizza mood (I know, I know, blasphemy), and was perusing their other delectables. As such, I discovered they had a sub called… The Ultimate.

This would have been more impressive had there not been two other subs that were even more grandiose. (I believe they were known as The Fat Daddy and The Beast.)

The Ultimate sub was not, in fact, Ultimate. It was not even penultimate. Truly, we live in sad times.

What does this story have to do with webcomics? Absolutely nothing. I just thought you should know. Moving on to what matters in this crazy world – small pixels on computer screens!

More like a clown, less like a naked guy. Got it!8-Bit Theatre ran a guest strip this week that was exceptionally cool. The best part about it? Now I actually know what the hell black mage’s new costume is supposed to look like!

Seriously, while I’m still somewhat digging 8-Bit Theatre, there are definitely times when the limitation of the artform are felt more than others. And it isn’t even just the artform – I’ve seen good-looking pixel art. Sometime’s 8-Bit just… isn’t up to par, as far as, you know. Being able to make heads or tails of what the pixels are supposed to represent.

In other news, despite not actually having the time to do so, I managed to read back through the complete Narbonic archives. Did I accomplish this through clever manipulation of the properties of space and time, or merely by poor decisions in my own time-management? Only time will tell…

Yadda yadda yadda, the strip is just as good as I remember it, and I especially enjoyed the Dave in Slumberland strips, which are pretty much anything a lover of foreshadowing could ask for.

I’ve been tempted to go and read up on the many and sundry chronicles of King Arthur. You see, I’ve been reading A:KoTaS, and it has struck me that I could make much more sense of the many complications if I just boned up on my history (so to speak.)

However, to do so would no doubt also mean that I would know in much more detail (rather than the generally vague forbodings I have now) about what is to come. Is a greater understanding of events worth risking the ‘spoiling’ of the story? Even for a story that has passed the statute of limitations.

I believe my final decision was that the point is moot, as there are so many variation and retellings of the story as to render any information gleaned useless.

Also, I’m lazy.

Going into my collection of 'fightin' words that will get my ass kicked.'Final thought for the day: I enjoy Diesel Sweeties more often than not, but it rarely blows me out of the water. However, I have now resolved that, sometime before I die, I must use this line from Metal Steve.

This I so swear.

4 responses

  1. I managed to finish Narbonic this week too. I was wondering who else was on that server with me.

  2. All week, I’ve been heavily encouraging my friends to read through it.

    And by encouraging, I mean threatening. With violence.

    Hey, (belated) congrats on the WCCA award! GA has been stellar of late.

  3. (…which isn’t to say it isn’t normally stellar, I’m just a sucker for the dialogue.)

  4. Thanks! I’ve been trying my best to keep up the quality, with the recent lack of updates.

    I read Narbonic because I’m going to Narbonicon. Tomorrow. If I get up. Which means I should go to bed. Goodnight!

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