Also, Girly has a freaking awesome archive system. That’s a cause for a happy ending right there, in my book.

I actually didn't notice on my first glance. Girly is, at heart, a fantasy.

It isn’t your standard fantasy with the magic swords and the flying dragons and the epic quests, no.

But it is about a world of adventure, whimsy, wonder, and above all, love.

This is part of what makes it so appealing. So often in stories the main love interests take forever to get together. Countless hours of angst, and misccomunication, and endless hijinks keep the tension on, and keep the reader desperately strung along.

Girly actually doesn’t spend all that long – it takes a few chapters, but the main leads accept their feelings for each other pretty darn quickly.

I think it says a lot that the story doesn’t end there.

There has continued to be all manner of crazy adventures and ongoing zaniness. It’s great fun.

But for myself, I’m in it for the side characters. Officer Policeguy. El Chupacabre and Autumn. And all the others.

You’re rooting for all of them to end up happy. And all of them, even the ones that might be founded in cliches – Lesnick manages to make them all interesting.

Fortunately, it seems pretty likely that, in this magical world of his, people do end up with happy endings. Coincidence is on the side of the heroes, so to speak, and things have a tendency to… come together.

Now, I think the ending of the comic is a long, long way off. And I suspect we’re heading toward some tough times, giving the many warnings of a coming time of chaos – and given the normal state of affairs, something that passes for chaos must be dire indeed.

Still, that is then, and this is now. And things are looking up for Chuy and Autumn, and thats a pretty rad thing indeed.

2 responses

  1. I like the way Lesnick has extended the story from just Winter and Otra into the college narrative. The tension between the two also meant that it wasn’t a ‘happy ever after’ scenario either. Yeah, the chapter separation is pretty good as well, so many webcomics, ScaryGoRound excepted, don’t give a thematic overlay to make navigation easier.

    Lesnick could have gone for an easier, more happy ending but he hasn’t, he chose to make this work, warts and all, and I appreciate that.

  2. He’s another one of those artists who seems to have learned a lot from their earlier works, and put together a story that really moves well.

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