A Short Announcement

So Scott Kurtz is currently running a beta site of his new PvP webpage.

Now, see, that’s pro.

A quick rundown on my first impressions of it:

It feels a bit more busy than the previous page, but nothing feels outright unnecessary – and the clutter is below the strip, so doesn’t get in the way of plain and simple comic viewing.

The navigation of the archives looks like it will take a bit of getting used to – but seems insanely more powerful. No easy link to the first strip, sadly, though any half-motivated user can find their way to it without much trouble.

The tag feature? Awesome. Prone to abuse, but hopefully fans will be able to keep themselves in check.

Big ol’ cast page, and a little guide for new users. That’s a nice touch.

A few downsides, but overall it seems very impressive. Props to his team for a kick-ass new site!

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