Continuing with the brevity…

I really need to get me one of those hats.Bad News: I am sick. (Fortunately, this is only really bad news… to me.)

Good News (for everyone!): You can now cleanse your immortal soul, you dirty heathen, with Cigarro & Cerveja!

So go – immerse yourself in the bizarre little world (which happens to be a lot like ours) of these wacky characters. I’d indulge in more exuberant recountings of the strip, but… yeah, kinda sick. Which was surprising, as while I’ve had some ups and downs, I haven’t had a standard old cold in several years now, and now was not the best time for it.

Bah. As long as it is gone by DragonCon, I won’t be angry. If it should not, however… well, I’ll probably rail in impotent anger against forces beyond my control. Oh well.

Anyway! Cigarro & Cerveja! Go! Read! Buy! Exclamation Points!

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