Some quick thoughts

And… I’m back, and mostly recovered.

I had the good fortune to have my Narbonic books arrive (the mail package had a gerbil drawn on it! How cool is that?), but since my last post was on Narbonic, I’ll refrain from excessive exaltation of them.

I’ll likely spend tomorrow catching up with all the things on my mind – for now, I noticed that Modern Tales had added a few new names to its roster. Some are new to me, but look intriguing – but the two I currently read (Anywhere but Here and Irregular Webcomic) leave me with mixed feelings.

I think it’s a good move for Irregular Webcomic, mainly because he is also staying at his old site. Giving the complexity of his archives, and the need for something more robust than the less-then-accessible system MT uses, I think losing the readability it previously had would have been a mistake. But by preserving it, and potentially attracting new readership via MT, everyone comes out ahead.

I’m less sure for Anywhere but Here, but aside from the similar downsides of a weaker archiving system, I don’t think it is a bad move. Now that I ponder it for a bit, it does feel like a strip that is certainly at home in the MT community. It will certainly be nice to see some familiar faces on Modern Tales, and I wonder if they have some more such strips up their sleave.

2 responses

  1. I liked WAIN when I read it recently, but it suffers a little from being a tad hard to follow. I’ll keep reading it, though.

  2. Yeah, I just finished going through the archives. Definitely interesting, but I think it may easily end up on my list of comics that are best read in chunks, since going day by day it is all too easy to get lost.

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