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I found myself hunting around on the website of Ryan Estrada (artist and adventurer!) Wandering through his site is always a pleasant experience, even if not a fruitful one – it is easy to get sidetracked from one’s original goals, and end up reading through any manner of assorted oddities.

Aki Alliance
My goal in venturing to the site was to discover when Ryan Estrada (artist and adventurer!) planned to continue the great work that is Aki Alliance. My search, sadly, ended in failure, but I will hold out hope that it shall return when we least expect it, bringing with it salvation and hope….or something along those lines.

Anyway! As usual, despite a lack of success in what I was actually looking for, I did manage to find two things of note. The first was Ped X-ing, his 168 hr comic (yes, he’s aware that he’s stark raving mad.) Aside from the fact that it was, as mentioned, a 168 hr comic, it also stars Aki, of the self-same comic mentioned above. And some other interesting characters, too.

But the real treasure was Gamer’s Edge, World Reknowned Comic Strip of the Future, as produced by Ryan Estrada (artist and adventurer!) You see, there is this website called Acts of Gord. Acts of Gord is a collection of stories about a man named Gord who runs a gaming store, and the myriad and sundry acts of stupidity he must face on a daily basis, and his righteous humiliation of his most incompetent customers/rivals/foes.It’s a genius little gem of a site, and sure to bring many hours of amusement if you haven’t read it before. It’s been around for ages, and though finite (as Gord’s gamestore days came to an end), it is a long honored site in the stockpile of any true devotee of the internet. So to summarize: Act’s of Gord = awesome.

The Book of ApplicationGamer’s Edge is a comic based on it.

How cool is that?

(Answer: It’s pretty damn cool.)

The comic rendition is a tad more action-packed, but as mentioned above – it’s pretty damn cool. And really, anything done by Ryan Estrada (artist and adventurer!) is destined to be a quality read. So go, check it out, and hope nothing else on his site draws you in for another hour… or three.

Addendum: In other news, while shopping for holiday presents today, I spotted a copy of American Born Chinese in the local bookstore, and treated myself to it. It really does feel good whenever I see this material out in the open for the rest of the world to take a look at, and maybe take a chance on.

Additional Addendum: This is post number 200 of this here blog! It may not be much, but it still feels nice. You may have noticed the new look of the site, which I picked up when converting to the new version of Blogger now controlled by the powerful entity that is Google. I’m not entirely happy with it, but I think we can all agree it is much better than the horror that was the last site layout, yes?

Alternate Additional Addendum: Fleen has hit an even bigger landmark, and turns one year old on this very day! They’ve had some brilliant articles and some silly ones, but Fleen has definitely made itself a place in the wide world of webcomics, and all the more props to them for that. Regardless of the reviews themselves, what makes Fleen great (at least in my mind) is it’s presence as the most prominent news source on webcomics. They’ve done some solid stuff, and they certainly seem to be here to stay, so drop on by and say a few good words.

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