All the pieces fall into place…

I read this week’s Perry Bible Fellowship, and somehow forgot which comic I was reading. I managed to finish the strip, thinking, “Aw, gee, this week’s PBF was actually nice and happy, with the kid using his gaming skillz to clean his room in a new and innovative way and OH MY GOD.”

So once his plugs the kid in, does he get to go to the next level?

Maybe it’s a sign of my boundless optimism that I didn’t immediately notice that this week’s strip was just as horribly evil as the rest of them. Maybe it’s just due to the wooziness from all the strange chemicals they dripped into my eyes during my eye exam earlier today. The world may never know!

No more to report today, but tune in tomorrow for a special Saturday post!

4 responses

  1. PBF is an amazing comic. So often, it is ignored and not mentioned alongside the other “big players” in the comic world, so it’s nice to see someone note it. Consistently, it is one of the more clever and well-drawn comics out there. Plus, it makes you chuckle.

  2. It’s also published in a number of newspapers (mostly alternative media papers), which I often see largely unmentioned.

  3. I dunno, the strip about Lord Gloom and the one about Master Yoshi’s surprise party were kind of nice and happy, I think.

  4. Yes, there’s definitely been a few that might well be called uplifintg. That’s probably why, at least for a moment, I thought that this one was part of that diminutive collective.

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