As usual, I’m a sucker for stories focused around the bad guys.

Richard is officially the best name for a warlock, ever.Looking For Group is a comic by Ryan Sohmer, the guy responsible for Least I Could Do. While they are rather vastly different comics on the surface, any reader of LICD will know that Sohmer is as much a geek as the next man, and it’s no surprise that he now has a comic more directly focused on it.

More of a surprise is exactly how well his humor works in the new setting. LFG, which is a pretty clear-cut parody of a certain MMO out there, follows a band of characters from the horde side of things, and their merry travels across the land.

Despite being loosely based on Warcraft, though, Sohmers is telling his own story. In WoW, regardless of the faction you join, your characters are presented as the good guys in their own fashion. The characters in Looking For Group, on the other hand, seem to have no qualms about being the evil guys on the block – though ones with character, and their own brand of snarky humor that Sohmers excels at.

So it’s a good comic. Big, brilliant pages of art, good characters, good humor, yadda yadda. Now it’s moving to twice a week, which floors me – given that will be in addition to the six pages a week of LICD, plus the work on the LICD animated series, and the running of Blind Ferret in general. That’s a ton of output from Sohmers – as well as Lar DeSouza, the artist behind the constant, full color output. Credit where credit is due – Sohmer gets a lot of notice as the public face of the comics, but DeSouza must be a working machine to produce all those strips.

LICD might not always appeal to me (what with my ‘morals’, and ‘sensibilities’), but I have to give props for the quality strips these guys keep on delivering.

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