Moments in Time

I had a lot of different topics I was thinking on writing about this weekend. The WCCA nominations have been listed, momentous happenings have been ongoing in The Order of the Stick, and the fact that little blog of mine has now been around for one whole year.

Instead, I must give props to Arthur, King and Time and Space, for the following strip:

It isn’t the funniest joke in the world. I’d go so far as to say that, as far as many of the jokes Gadzikowski makes, this is one of the weaker ones.

But the second I saw the strip on Saturday, it instantly got my attention. You see, I have always been a picky eater. Less so now than when I was younger, but the fundamental nature remains. And when I was younger, in my highschool days, I would invariably eat in the same manner as L does above. Take one item on the plate. Clean it out, precisely and efficiently. Move on to the next. Repeat.

My parents pestered me about it. For years. That very same question!

And suddenly, a decade later, I stumble across a comc that perfectly captures that moment, and the frustration of hearing that question, yet again. And I connect. Bam.

It wasn’t the strongest joke in the world. It wasn’t the strongest set-up. And there are probably a lot more people who won’t get any connection than those that do.

But when you can capture a moment like that – something real, something that people will recognize, remember, and take to heart – you’ve managed to get their attention in a much more personal way. You’ve given the joke a little special meaning that they can see as their very own. And they’ll keep that with them, and keep coming back, because your comic seems that much more real.

That’s a touch that’s hard to fake, and one that will stay with people a lot longer than just another punchline.

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