The Ultimate Showdown

One hare, against all odds...I’ve talked before about reader-driven webcomics, and recently discovered a new one: Turtle vs. Bunny, drawn by the infamous Joe Dunn.

As before, the best bet for running one of these things successfully seems to be in leaving the general direction in the hands of the readers, but the specifics of the strip firmly under the control of the creators of the comic. (You know, the ones who actually know what they’re doing.)

Turtle vs. Bunny itself is rather brilliant. The premise is simple – Turtle and Bunny are in a race to the finish. Each week, readers determine which of them comes out ahead, and presumably which one will be the final victor. Also: Guns, cannons, axes, jetpacks.

Points are tallied up both by normal voting, as well as by purchasing merchandise for one side or the other, advertising for one side or the other, etc. I like that it isn’t just a straight up money tally, and that everyone can basically have a hand in the score.

The racers are hitting the halfway mark to the finish line, so there’s only a month or two more of the series to go. It’s not the most uproariously laugh-out-loud strip, nor one filled with any sort of ground-breaking plot – it’s simply clever and fun, and I’d like to think that’s really all it needs to be.

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