Scary Go Round Up

I don’t believe anyone has accused Mr. John Allison of having a diminutive cast. Diminutive cast members, mayhaps. But he is known as the man who every so often takes a look at his merry protaganists, shakes his head, and suddenly shifts the story to focus on entirely different individuals. Characters who were the stars of the show abruptly depart for parts unknown while random passerby take the spotlight.

Despite the turbelence of his cast, I can’t deny that each and every one of Allison’s characters is able to carry the show when their hour comes.

Which is why I am expecting nothing less than an Armageddon of awesomeness from the current menagerie that has gathered. Allison appears to have brought together all manner of individuals for the newly formed Super Best Friends Society, from the most notable of cast members to those who have had only a handful of appearances in the strip. Their goal – for reasons both personal and apocalyptic – is to locate five ancient gods in order to stave off the end of the world (and rescue a fair damsel from a singularly unpleasant fate.)

Admittedly, I’m not altogether familiar with every one of the sundry souls currently embarking on this mission – but the first arc of the kraken huntin’ team has already enamored me of Ms. Moon, Captain Cromerty, and even Desmond the lily-livered Fish-man.

The action has moved back over to Amy, who is unfortunately discovering that being a witch caretaker has a lot to do with caretaking, and very little to do with witching. (Raise your hand, though, if you think dear Amy’s fancy little tattoos will prove the necessary mark required to begin lessons in witchery.)

In any case. Five different gods to find, over a dozen cast members lined up for hijinks and escapades, and only so much time left before the cat (Satan) is let out of the bag (Hell).

Scary Go Round is often much more about mild silliness than epic plots – but somehow manages to pull off both with equal entertainment. As usual, the comic is a wealth of bemusing dialogue, guaranteed to put a grin on your face, and from the looks of things, we’re in for one hell of a ride.

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