The Power of Marshmallow Kitty Compels You

Girly turns 4 today – Happy Birthday, Girly!

As one of the strips I’ve been reading since it began, it’s always cool – and a little startling – to realize how far it has progressed since it began. I’ve mentioned before that Girly is at heart a fantasy comic – but it’s also a romance comic, a superhero comic, and absurdist humor, all at the same time.

Most of those have come together in the latest arc, which seems to be wrapping up – we’re only a half-dozen strips away from #500, which I imagine will be a doozy. As of now, (most of) the villain’s secrets have been revealed, the end-boss has been just about bested, and our heroes have all been returned to their proper bodies after some very entertaining – but also remarkably confusing – adventures.

Four years down the road, and Girly is still going strong, and one of the most professional webcomics out there. Definitely a damn good comic all around, and definitely deserving recognition for how far it’s come. And I’ve got a feeling that if Josh L. keeps up the good work, Year 5 is going to be filled with even more awesomeness to come.


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