Step One

I’m of the opinion that webcomic donations drive can be a crutch when too heavily relied upon – but also a valuable tool to kickstart a real career in comics.

I’m generally of the mind-set that I want most comics to succeed. Note in the least because webcomics – and the people that make them – seem a lot more personal than most forms of media, but also because more success means I can enjoy them better too.

From what I’ve seen it takes a bit more than just letting the money come to you – it takes planning out an effective strategy that lets you make money off of what is, essentially, a free product. Tycho’s manifesto said that if you trust in your readers, they will take care of you – and this is true, so long as you are able to find the right means for them to do so.

But finding those means requires careful thought and preparations, and it is hard to do that while also producing several pages a week, plus working an actual job to stay alive in the meantime. And cutting back the comics themselves in order to find them time to figure out how to make them profitable is an iffy proposition – you just might lose your readership while in the midst of figuring out your master plan.

Hence – the donation drive. It isn’t something to rely on for a lifetime of survival, but it can give you that boost to start things off. Come into it with reasonable expectations, and take whatever success it gives you as victory – and the seeds to truly start something larger.

I mention this because of one such drive that has just started, by T Campbell and Gisèle Lagacé, the minds behind Penny and Aggie.

Neither of these folks are new to the webcomic world. They’ve been doing comics as long as most of the success stories, and have put out some of the most impressive works on the net. Penny and Aggie has held my attention since its appearance, and I suspect will do so for quite some time.

More than that, they are offering some impressive incentives with their drive – gift cards, artwork, songs, along with a conclusion to Gisèle’s former work, Cool Cat Studio, and a new Fans story – and all of that is for not even reaching their primary goal, which would allow Gisèle to quit and work on the comic full-time.

So… if you feel like donating to webcomics, this is a damn good cause. If you especially like Penny and Aggie, or the creators behind it, this is a great opportunity to reward them for their efforts.

And even if you aren’t able to drop a dollar for them – and no one holds it against you if you can’t – it doesn’t cost anything just to post a mention of the drive, and spread the news far and wide.

Here’s the link: Dear readers…

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