A Notice, Because I Can’t Not Mention It

Issue 3 of Cheshire Crossing is out… and somehow, someway, Andy Weir has managed to top the first two.

I liked Casey and Andy. It was a really good comic – and I hope to see it complete one day.

But Cheshire Crossing is just filled with so much unbridled awesomeness that it easily takes the cake. If this is where Meir wants to focus his efforts, he’ll get no complaints from me. The release schedule – a new issue every 6 or so months – is an unusual one, but I’ve found that rather than leaving me frustrated with anticipation for the next comic, every new issue instead comes as a wonderful sort of surprise.

I’d ramble on about my favorite parts of the issue, but I’d rather have everyone go and experience them directly. So go! Check it out, spread the news, and enjoy.

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