A Few Quick Notes

I’ll be back in business with regular posts starting tomorrow, but for now, a few quick notes:

Sam and Fuzzy turns 5, and is going stronger than ever. A tip of the hat to Mr. Logan!

-I just discovered the return of Abby’s Agency, an enjoyable little strip about an ordinary girl who gets a job as a secretary with a secret government spy agency. It went on a mysterious hiatus some time ago, and I only just noticed it had returned this last month – so that’s a plus.

-I also was informed that Niego had returned, a crazy little strip that sprung up in recent years, burned brightly, and then went out with a bang. And then, apparently came back! Only maybe not –  I notice that it hasn’t updated in a month and a half, which bodes poorly. The latest news post mentions the artist going out of town for a bit – here’s hoping the strip’s downtime has been due to entirely mundane and boring life troubles, rather than, say, a zombie attack.

-In other news, Brian Daniel (of Surviving Mars) is looking at shifting gears with his comic – once the current arc wraps up, he’s looking at putting it into a temporary hiatus, and henceforth release it in one full story-arc at a time. Honestly, it isn’t a bad idea – one of his previous series, the Saga of the Ram, ended eruptly right while it was heating up, and I wouldn’t want to see Surviving Mars do the same. Moving from a standard update schedule to an issue-driven routine is a tricky one, but it’s been done before, and if it helps the artist enjoy making the comic, then I’m all for it.

-I’ve found Penny Arcade surprisingly sub-par the last few weeks – but I’ll assume that’s due to their attention being focused elsewhere. I mean, damn, have you seen the trailer for On The Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness? If not, go here, scroll down a bit. I am completely blown away by this.

I talked about this before – others have tried to branch out webcomics into new and exciting grounds, such as with the PvP and Ctrl+Alt+Del animated series… and sure, those weren’t bad. But you could feel that they were new, and they were experimenting with how to capture the feel of the strip in this new format, and were learning as they went. Even with both of those strips being big names in webcomics – even with them working with a studio intent on releasing kick-ass animation.

But Penny Arcade has the name and the resources and the flair to make their own experiment work. It feels professional. It doesn’t feel like little kids playing with some new toys – it feels like them taking their carefully crafted product and translating it into a new format, smoothly and successfully.

Of course, we won’t know for sure until the game itself comes out, but a trailer like that is an awfully promising sight.

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  1. Yeah, I was pretty excited when Niego relaunched, I don’t think Sigla has as much time now, still, it’s better than the Fathead. Even if the strip might not have the update stamina of Sam and Fuzzy or QC it’s still worthwhile as a crude intrusion of humor online.

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