More Endings and Beginnings

Another comic that, sadly, appears to be drawing to a close is Get Medieval. I mentioned this strip a month ago, and spoke highly of it – thus it should be obvious while I am sad that it is heading towards what appears to be an ending.

It isn’t an entirely a surprise – the comic has a moderately intact storyline, and such things usually come with endings. But this is one of the webcomics at the height of professionalism, that does just about everything right, and it is always a shame when one of them walks off the stage.

(And, of course, it might not be ending – I’m merely basing that off of where the narrative is going, and it is certainly possible I could be completely and utterly wrong.) 

But either way, I am excited – because the creator of Get Medieval is involved in launching another comic, and one that looks awesome.

There is, currently, one strip available for Knowledge is Power, so I can’t really make much in the way of judgement calls.

There is now a co-creator, so we’ll see how that pans out. But I have high expectations thus far – especially as KiP has a nice, proper webpage, while I was never quite as satisfied with Get Medieval being hosted on livejournal.

Additionally, the word on the street is that the comic is about superheroes in college, or something along those lines. Given that some similar comics are among my favorite webcomics out there, I’ve got a good feeling about this one, too.

So, now that I’ve spent a post mourning a comic that may not actually be ending, and reviewing a comic that has only barely begun, I’ll leave with a promise for something a bit more eloquent next time.

4 responses

  1. Extratextual evidence says Get Medieval will end with strip number 1185.

  2. Yes, Irony’s mentioned on her blog a few times that the strip is coming to a close. However, in addition to scripting Knowledge is Power, she’s also going to be writing and drawing a second, fantasy-themed comic called Dumnestor’s Heroes after Get Medieval ends.

  3. Bo, thanks for the info – I figured word would have been mentioned somewhere, but wasn’t quite sure where to look.

    And JSW, that’s great news! As much as I like the look of Knowledge is Power, I’m a fan of Irony’s style of drawing, and glad that there will still be a comic around featuring that.

  4. Hey, I just wanted to thank you for recommending my comics, and express my admiration of your promptness! I hope ‘Knowledge is Power’ and ‘Dumnestor’s Heroes’ live up to your expectations!

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